Frank T. Lansden

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Frank T. Lansden, He acquired extensive knowledge from his father, encompassing the skill of piloting aircraft. Consequently, when the opportune moment arrived, he deliberately pursued a medical career, emulating his father’s profession. He obtained his MD from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and subsequently finished his initial surgical internship at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He stayed there for an additional four years to finish his initial surgical residency and subsequently finished a second one at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. Since then, he has endeavored to maximize the magnitude of his excellent influence in his area. He became a member of the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and served as a faculty member at the Medical University of South Carolina and Florida State University.

Regardless of your location, you are inevitably and irresistibly attracted to the exquisite and peaceful allure of the Keys. Therefore, he pondered the idea of relocating his family to that place in order to engage in his profession. It was the optimal choice he could have made. An additional advantage of this location is the opportunity to engage in professional activities in other regions of South Florida, such as Miami, where you have recently chosen to establish a regular practice. Dr. True Lansden serves as the medical director at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery Inc. Regardless of the location of his practice; he consistently upholds the professional ideals that he has firmly embraced for a considerable period of time. Prioritizes the patient and their experience. Plastic surgery is often misunderstood, and the discipline might benefit from plastic surgeons sharing their positive transformational experiences to enhance its progress and influence. Furthermore, he consistently endeavors to comprehend his patients and their distinctive circumstances. Plastic surgeons must ascertain the patient’s background, their desired goals, and the specific issue they are encountering. By adopting this approach, healthcare providers can deliver highly individualized treatment that instills a sense of assurance and tranquility in every patient.


  • Graduate, Revere High School, West Richfield, Ohio. June 1970

  • Bachelor of Science, Zoology, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio July 1970- June 1976              

  • Medical Technologist, St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio. July 1976- June 1977  

  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. Aug 1982- June 1986  


Internships and Residencies

  • General Surgery Internship/Residenc

  • Medical University of South Carolina

  • Charleston, South Carolina

  • Assistant Chief of Surgery Ralph Johnson Veterans Administration Hospital

  • Traveled through South Atlantic and Caribbean       

  •  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency

  • Tulane University

  • New Orleans, Louisiana



  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons



  • Medical Technology. 1977

  • National Board of Medical License. 1987

  •  South Carolina Medical License. 1987

  • Louisiana Medical License.1992   

  • American Board of Surgery. 1993

  • Mississippi Medical License. 1994

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery. 1997   

  • Florida Medical License. 2002

  • ACLS Certification. 2002 

  • Hyperbaric Medicine and Diving Injuries. 2004

  • Hyperbaric Medicine and Diving Injuries. 2007

  • Recertification American Board of Plastic Surgery. 2009

  • Recertification American Board of Plastic Surgery. 2019


  • Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Academic Honor Society. 1985
  • Conrad Jobst Gold Paper Award, Southeastern Surgical Congress. 1989