Frown lines and wrinkles form as the muscle under the skin contracts. Over time, your skin naturally loses some of its supply of collagen and elastin, and these repeated expressions cause lasting lines that appear deeper and darker with age. Dermal fillers offer patients a safe, quick and non-surgical way to rejuvenate their appearance and restore a youthful glow.


Understanding Zion Plastic Surgery’s filler product portfolio range means considering important properties such as elasticity, viscosity and cohesivity. Our fillers are a safe and effective way to enhance your natural beauty and smooth out wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. We use only the highest quality fillers to provide natural-looking results that prevent wrinkles from becoming more profound over time.

Our licensed professionals work with you to create customized treatment plans tailored to your unique goals and needs. We take the time to understand your concerns and answer all of your questions, so you can feel confident and informed about your treatment options.

Zion Plastic Surgery administers all our dermal fillers from the comfort of our offices, where your safety and health are of the utmost importance. One of our dermal filler specialists will use numbing cream over the areas of your face that will be injected. We use extremely thin needles that cause little to no pain and give you some ice to reduce the chances of swelling. Individuals with a dermal filling procedure can return to most of their regular activities soon after the appointment ends and will notice the effects of the treatment immediately.

Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, rehydrate skin or restore facial volume, Zion Plastic Surgery offers a range of different fillers tailored to patients’ needs, giving you the confidence to be yourself. Discover how cutting-edge science can help you create the perfect look.


As a top plastic surgery center in Miami, we offer authentic filler treatments administered by the skilled hands of our certified dermal filler specialists. The end result is a natural, clean look that strikes a balance between beauty and comfort. You can trust our talented professionals to deliver the perfect-sized lips, smoothest cheeks, and the happiest patient.


Zion Plastic Surgery welcomes individuals of all backgrounds over the age of 18 to meet with our dermal filler specialists for a procedure. We understand that there are many reasons why a person might consider dermal fillers, and recommend consulting with your physician to see if you qualify.



Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of dermal filler can vary depending on the quality of dermal fillers and the clinic. If you are looking for affordable dermal fillers in Miami with the best prices, look no further than Zion Plastic Surgery Center. We are dedicated to making our procedures easily accessible with financing options that get you the look you’ve always wanted but never thought you could afford. Our flexible payment plans are tailored to fit your budget.

If looking for a cheap Miami filler, we highly caution you to consider the dangers associated with lower-quality procedures. A cheap filler can lead to serious health problems. It is essential to find qualified surgeons that are board-certified in plastic surgery.

These are some topics you need to bring up with your surgeon during your consultation:

  • Am I a good candidate for dermal filler?
  • Where and how will my filler be performed?
  • What are the possible results of filler and any risks or potential complications involved?
  • Do you have before and after photos of filler that I can see, and what results are reasonable for me?
  • Any other questions you may have to ensure your comfort and safety.

These are some topics you will need to be prepared to answer to help your surgeon understand your beauty needs during your consultation:


  • What are your expectations?
  • What are the results you want?
  • Do you have any allergies? If so, what do you have?
  • Are you taking any medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs?
  • What medical treatments have you had in the past?
  • Do you have any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors?
  • And any other information that may be useful for your filler procedure.

At Zion Plastic Surgery, we understand that no two individuals are the same. Each person can react differently to a filler procedure, and their levels of discomfort can vary. We always like to set expectations with our patients that they may feel some pain due to a bit of swelling, and remedies can range from simple icing to prescription pain relievers. How your body reacts to the procedure will determine how you recover.