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A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a common surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal region and, in many patients, restores the stomach muscles to their original shape and position.

The benefits of a tummy tuck include a smoother, more toned midsection and an overall improvement in contour. There are variations of the tummy tuck, and the procedure is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

The basic tummy tuck entails working with the abdominal section between the hip and the bottom of the rib cage.


The traditional tummy tuck is typically performed under general anesthesia, but it can also be performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing patients to go home the same day. In a full tummy tuck, an incision is made from hip to hip and is strategically placed to be concealed by underwear or a bikini bottom.

After making the incision, excess, stretched-out skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened. During a tummy tuck, the flanks are commonly treated with liposuction (also known as lipo) to remove excess fat. The abdominal muscles will then be reattached and tightened prior to the incisions being closed and sutures being placed.


Recovery from a tummy tuck requires time, and patients should allocate at least one to two weeks to resting and healing. Expect pain and discomfort, especially if the procedure involves tightening of the muscles. Pain medications will help keep patients comfortable during recovery time.

After the procedure, drain tubes may be inserted to prevent abdominal fluid accumulation. These are removed during a follow-up appointment one to two weeks after surgery. After surgery, patients are required to wear a special compression garment for several weeks to reduce edema and bruising, which will subside over the course of a few weeks.

Most people are able to return to work within a week, but some may require additional recuperation time. After the first two weeks following surgery, normal activities can be gradually resumed, but vigorous exercise must be avoided for four to six weeks.

Patients will begin to see the results of their tummy tuck as the swelling subsides.

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Even though a tummy tuck is generally safe, there are always risks associated with major surgery. Choosing the appropriate surgeon and adhering to all pre- and post-operative instructions will significantly reduce the likelihood of complications.

Some possible dangers include:

  • Extreme bleeding
  • cellular necrosis
  • Surgical
  • complications
  • Poor recovery
  • A state of numbness
  • Synchronous Seroma

The scar from a traditional tummy tuck is typically quite extensive and runs from hip to hip. The incision is positioned to be concealed by a standard bikini bottom.

Prospective patients must believe that the long tummy tuck scar is a tradeoff for the great results it can achieve. A skilled surgeon can minimize scarring to a certain extent, and patients can anticipate that it will gradually fade over time. How your body healed from scars in the past is a good indicator of how it will heal after a tummy tuck.

Yes, unfortunately. In the event of pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and skin will again expand. Women are advised to wait until they have completed having children before undergoing a tummy tuck.

As long as patients maintain a stable weight and do not become pregnant, the results of a tummy tuck hold up well over time. Aging may affect the results somewhat, but abdominoplasty is considered a permanent solution to stretched out skin and muscles.

Tissue manipulation can alter the position of the belly button, but your plastic surgeon will reposition and contour it so that it appears natural and appealing.

Abdominoplasty is a relatively major surgical procedure; prospective patients should be physically and psychologically prepared for the operation. Candidates for tummy tuck must be in good general health and be free of any medical conditions or medications that could make the surgery unsafe.

Your surgeon will discuss these conditions and medications during the consultation. Candidates must also anticipate realistic outcomes and comprehend the procedure’s limitations. Before surgery, patients should be at a stable weight or close to their weight loss goals.