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Zion Plastic Surgery’s highly skilled medical professionals have over 10 years of experience applying natural, artistic, and practical approaches to fuel confidence and help patients look better, feel better and live better. Discover how we can help you achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Zion Plastic Surgery believes inner beauty transforms. We put YOU first in your self-confidence and empowerment journey because we know everyone is different.

Why Transform with Zion Plastic Surgery?

  • We prioritize your dreams and desires in personalized consultations. Our board-certified plastic surgeons listen to your concerns and customize each consultation to create a customized transformation plan.
  • Natural Results: We value authenticity. Our surgeons enhance your natural beauty with results that match your features. Our goal is to boost your confidence while preserving your identity.
  • Safety first: Your health matters. Zion Plastic Surgery meets industry-leading safety and hygiene standards. Our modern facility and skilled medical staff prioritize your safety throughout your stay.
  • Stay ahead in aesthetics with advanced techniques. The latest plastic surgery techniques and technology are used at our clinic to ensure optimal results.
  • Compassionate Care: Transform with confidence and peace of mind. Our compassionate and caring team supports and guides you to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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Enjoy special offers and affordable financing as a thank you for choosing Zion Plastic Surgery. Like your results, your transformation should be smooth.

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Zion Plastic Surgery has all your needs coverd

Zion Plastic Surgery, all our patients’ needs are covered. As Glenda Reyes shows in the video, three of the many products we offer

  • Deep Overnight Treatment – Intensely hydrates skin cells overnight while treating wrinkles and fine lines for a more rejuvenated appearance.
  • Intensive- Daily face moisturizing cream containing skin-beneficial ingredients that replenish moisture and support against signs of aging.
  • Woman Garment- Post-surgical garment worn to help reduce swelling, tighten loose skin, contour shape and avoid build-up of fluid.
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Meet Our Respected Surgeons

Our experienced team of plastic surgeons applies the highest standards of safety alongside the latest techniques to help patients achieve maximum comfort during procedures. Zion Miami’s award-winning portfolio of injectables, devices and skin care products ensure the safest and most effective surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Get to know our award-winning health care professionals.

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